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   1. TESCOM pressure regulator can be used for gas or liquid media.
   2. The CV value is generally selected to be 5 to 6 times the actual calculated value.
   3. Use hard seat materials (metal, VESPEL, PEEK, etc.) instead of softer TEFLON and CTFE materials.
   4. When the 316 stainless steel metal diaphragm induction pressure regulating valve is used for liquid medium, the diaphragm needs to be replaced with a stronger ELGILOY.
   5. The discharge mode is non-discharge or segregated discharge. Pressure regulators for isolated recovery and discharge are: 44-1500, 26-2000 and 54 series.
   6.Do not use built-in filters
   7. When the medium is corrosive, a pressure regulator with metal diaphragm induction should be selected. Because of the metal, this type of pressure regulator uses a metal-to-metal seal instead of an O-ring for the piston induction pressure regulator.nanjing yunlian dianqi technology support



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