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Nanjing Win Union Automation and Control Technology Co., Ltd.mainly sells instrumentation and spare parts. For more than ten years, the company has been adhering to the "integrity service" principle, adhere to the "high quality" policy, improve management, open up the market, and provide customers with quality services. The company has a professional after-sales service team to ensure timely supply of products.

Our products have been widely used in petroleum, power, chemical, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding, construction, fire protection, food and other industrial and civil fields, and exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

Since its establishment, the company has maintained a good momentum of healthy and rapid development, and its business performance is booming. Excellent and reliable quality, excellent and stable performance, many years of high-quality professional services make our products are sold at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted and supported by customers.

Main sales products:
WIKA pressure gauge, WIKA pressure sensor, WIKA pressure switch, WIKA thermometer, WIKA thermocouple, WIKA temperature switch, WIKA level gauge, WIKA level switch, WIKA SF6 gas density relay, WIKA SF6 density meter, WIKA density

Rosemount, ROSEMOUNT pressure transmitter, ROSEMOUNT temperature transmitter, ROSEMOUNT flow meter, ROSEMOUNT level transmitter, ROSEMOUNT density meter, ROSEMOUNT radar

Yokogawa, YOKOGAWA pressure transmitter, YOKOGAWA differential pressure transmitter, YOKOGAWA flowmeter, YOKOGAWA temperature transmitter, YOKOGAWA liquid level transmitter

E+H pressure, differential pressure transmitter, E+H flow meter, E+H thermometer, temperature switch, temperature transmitter, E+H ultrasonic, tuning fork, radar level gauge, E+H PH electrode, oxygen sensor

CCS switch, CCS pressure switch, CCS differential pressure switch, CCS explosion-proof switch, CCS temperature switch

ABB pressure, differential pressure transmitter, ABB flowmeter, ABB thermometer, temperature switch, temperature transmitter, ABB ultrasonic, tuning fork, radar level gauge

UE switch, UE explosion-proof switch, UE pressure switch, UE differential pressure switch, UE temperature switch, UE pressure transmitter

Forney, FORNEY Flame Detector, FORNEY Fire Detection Probe, FORNEY Fire Detector, FORNEY Controller, FORNEY Solenoid, FORNEY Fiber, FORNEY Cable

ITT NEO-DYN pressure switch, NEO-DYN vacuum switch, NEO-DYN differential pressure switch, NEO-DYN temperature switch

ASHCROFT pressure gauge, ASHCROFT pressure switch, ASHCROFT differential pressure switch, ASHCROFT temperature switch, ASHCROFT pressure sensor, ASHCROFT thermometer

Dwyer, DWYER pressure gauge, DWYER pressure gauge, DWYER pressure switch, DWYER pressure sensor, DWYER flowmeter, DWYER flow switch, DWYER temperature, humidity transmitter, DWYER level switch, DWYER level tuning fork switch

Honeywell, Honeywell Pressure Transmitters, Sensors, Honeywell Temperature Sensors, Transmitters, Honeywell Radar Level Transmitters, Honeywell Flowmeters, Honeywell Control Valves, Honeywell Positioners

ASCO solenoid valve, ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve, ASCO solenoid valve island, ASCO pulse valve, ASCO dust valve, NUMATICS solenoid valve, NUMATICS cylinder, NUMATICS filter pressure reducing valve

MAC high speed solenoid valve MAC solenoid valve, MAC direct acting solenoid valve, MAC pilot valve, MAC air control valve, MAC proportional valve, MAC machine control valve, MAC explosion-proof valve
FESTO solenoid valve, FESTO valve island, FESTO cylinder, FESTO air gripper, FESTO proximity switch, sensor, FESTO filter pressure reducing valve, FESTO vacuum element

SMC solenoid valve, SMC valve island, SMC cylinder, SMC air gripper, SMC proximity switch, sensor, SMC filter pressure reducing valve, SMC vacuum component

CKD solenoid valve, CKD valve island, CKD cylinder, CKD gripper, CKD proximity switch, sensor, CKD filter pressure reducing valve, CKD vacuum component

ENIDINE, ENIDINE buffer, ENIDINE speed controller, ENIDINE steel rope isolator, ENIDINE air spring

AVENTICS AVENTICS cylinder, AVENTICS solenoid valve, AVENTICS valve terminal, valve block, AVENTICS pressure regulator, AVENTICS vacuum, AVENTICS sensor

TESCOM, TESCOM pressure reducing valve, TESCOM pressure regulating valve, TESCOM regulating valve, TESCOM back pressure valve, TESCOM proportional pressure regulating valve, TESCOM electronic pressure regulating valve, TESCOM pressure sensor, TESCOM conversion adjustment

AirTAC Solenoid Valve, AirTAC Valve Island, AirTAC Cylinder, AirTAC Gripper, AirTAC Proximity Switch, Sensor, AirTAC Filter Relief Valve, AirTAC Vacuum Element

SICK encoder, SICK proximity photoelectric switch, SICK light curtain, grating, SICK safety switch, SICK logo, graphics, image sensor, SIKC ultrasonic sensor

P+F encoder, P+F proximity switch, P+F photoelectric switch, P+F logo, graphics, image sensor, P+F ultrasonic sensor
IFM proximity switch, photoelectric, magnetic switch, IFM ultrasonic sensor, IFM laser sensor,

IFM Fiber Sensor, IFM Vision Sensor, IFM Safety Light Curtain Grating, IFM Pressure Sensor, IFM Temperature Sensor, IFM Flow Sensor, IFM Level Sensor


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